Date Stamps

Date stamps. A custom stamp with any details you require which has a changeable date. The small date stamp (4850) is ideal for teachers who want their name and date stamped on books they mark. A signature can be added if the 43132 stamp is taken. The 4850 is also ideal for those who need a ‘Best Before’ or ‘Expiry’ date stamp. We have other options, like number stamps, for those who need to stamp batch numbers onto their products.

  • 4850 (1 custom line) R390
  • 43132 32x32mm R520
  • 4727 60x40mm R750
  • 4726 75x38mm R850

Just fill in the form below with what you need on the stamp or email us and we will email you a proof to see how it will look.

Note the date will always display in the centre of the stamp.

Numbering stamps also available, please enquire.